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Why Pangea Foundation Visual Software Simulations


The problem with traditional approaches to software development is that too often people waste precious time and resources dealing with inaccurate requirements. Everyone is on a different page. And ambiguous collaboration leads to avoidable change orders, unnecessary schedule delays, and costly budget overruns.

The good news is Pangea Foundation makes custom software development millions of times easier than anyone else. With our online software simulations acting as visual blueprints, we give you and your critical stakeholders a powerful way to visually model, experience, and interact with finished user interfaces—before a line of code is ever written. That way, if you want to make a change on the fly, it doesn't involve re-coding and re-testing late in the game.

Visual software simulations drive collaborative visibility across all stages of the design and development cycle. Want to get distributed stakeholders on the same page with your ideas from the start? Gotcha' covered! Want to link up your field-level program staff with the folks at headquarters to speed collaboration. A breeze! Want to move a form field here, a button there? Bring. It. On!

Before you know it, you've got a visual prototype that behaves like a working solution. You then look at it and say, "That's exactly what we need" and call it a day. No more misunderstandings. No more guessing what people meant to say. No more hoping that you understood each other, none of that. Just butter-smooth collaboration that gets you to the final result faster.

Learn about our custom nonprofit software solutions or get in touch with us now.

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