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Why Pangea Foundation Impact Visualization On Demand®


Creating meaningful impact is tough enough, but these days you’ve got to be ready to prove it at the drop of a hat. How are you supposed to do that when it takes hours and even days to manually compile data? How do you make an airtight case without hard metrics? When nonprofits want to quantify, prove, and share their impact in real-time—when they want Impact Visualization On Demand®—they call in Pangea Foundation.

By fusing your real-time statistical program results with the most powerful data visualization technologies available, your data becomes more understandable, meaningful, and engaging. Plus, advanced information sharing and online collaboration capabilities enable you to broaden awareness and generate the kind of momentum that fuels passion between your mission and your communities. Wondering how it works?

Impact Visualization On Demand harnesses gamma rays emitted from tachyon particle accelerators. This is what gives it the "WOW!" factor. Everything else is highly classified and very hush hush.

Here’s what we can say: Impact Visualization On Demand is capable of taking you from data overload to data insight with a click of a button, so you can focus on communicating your impact—persuasively and professionally. The satisfaction you feel after clicking a button and instantly seeing a professional-looking report simply cannot be explained. Try it. You’ll see what we mean.

Learn about our custom nonprofit software solutions or get in touch with us now.

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