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The Power to Impact

Everyone loves an inspiring story, a story of how the underdog overcomes humongous odds to overcome some ginormous obstacle and is transformed into a hero at the end. But what if the underdog is a nonprofit, and the obstacle is data, credibility, funding? Then the underdog's secret weapon is Pangea Foundation. We empower nonprofits with real-time data to tell their story. With evidence in tow, our clients tell their stories through the eyes of the people they serve. The case is made. The word spreads. The mission is energized! Our clients rejoice! The world becomes a better place! And everyone loves our clients a little more! They become heroes. And we applaud. We've been doing that since 1996, and we're ready to do it for you now too.


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"How can we collaborate better to improve service delivery while demonstrating the impact of our programs?" Every day thousands of people experience the answer: Collaborative social services software from Pangea Foundation—which is transforming how nonprofits engage their communities.

We take all the great things people love about performance management software, social networking software, and advanced data visualization and make them work for individuals, programs, organizations—even entire industries. And because our solutions are offered through the SaaS delivery model, they’re accessible through a convenient web browser around the clock. From anywhere. On demand. That’s why more than 2,000 nonprofits have already discovered: An on-demand solution from Pangea Foundation is the right answer—for right now.

Have a look around at our featured products listed below and let us know how we can help. If you don’t see what you need, let us know that too. We offer additional pre-built solutions that may meet your needs. And we don’t stop there. Want something customized? No problem. With Pangea Foundation, the sky’s the limit. We invite you to read more about our custom nonprofit software solutions or get in touch now.

FamilyMetrics™ – Social Services Software

FamilyMetrics™ - Social Services Software

Built for ease of use and affordability, FamilyMetrics is the uniquely powerful performance management platform for family social services. With an easy-to-navigate web-based design and a full suite of seamlessly integrated features, FamilyMetrics makes documentation, outcomes tracking, and reporting a breeze. With over 60 standard reports and ad-hoc reporting flexibility, FamilyMetrics lets you show your results, instead of just tell.

Virtual Goal Coach – Personalized Goal Management Software

Virtual Goal Coach - Goal Management Software

Virtual Goal Coach is an online goal management tool designed to empower the people you serve to reach their personalized goals faster and smarter. Whether your clients' goals are linked to employment, education, finances, or homeownership, they will be equipped to manage their progress along the pathway to success. Clients can also interact with their coordinator, case manager, or coach through an integrated messaging system.

AASC Online – Software for Service Coordinators

AASC Online - Senior Social Services Software

AASC Online is web-based software for service coordinators. It was developed by Pangea Foundation in collaboration with the American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC). Custom designed to meet the unique needs of service coordinators working in senior and adult disability housing communities, AASC Online empowers service coordinators like never before. Quickly and easily document services, automate data tracking, and complete your HUD Semi-Annual Performance Report with a click.

Want it customized? Learn about our custom nonprofit software solutions or get in touch now.

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