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Nonprofit Software Solutions Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®


First the bad news: Without the right tools, extracting and interpreting raw data is about as much fun as a root canal. You’re slogging through oodles of spreadsheets. You’re compiling, manipulating, merging. You’re copying and pasting. Now for the good news: We put a stop to all that.

With sophisticated visual analytics, dashboards, and ad hoc reporting capabilities, you’ll have one-click access to the priceless insight you crave. Plus, robust drilldowns let you explore far beneath the surface to help you uncover even greater detail.

Imagine what you could do if you had clear visibility across your organizational landscape. If you could understand and share real-time intelligence, quickly and securely, with whomever you needed to—from colleagues to your board, partners, and funders. Think of how many ways your organization could benefit. Better performance? Efficiency gains? Smarter service delivery? Faster decisions, increased credibility, and funding growth? And what about decreased costs?

Now stop imagining it and walk into the light. Because with Nonprofit Visual Intelligence, all of that, and much more, is possible.

Nonprofit Visual Intelligence: Charting and Graphing

Charting and Graphing

In the age of technology, data rules. People don’t want a long, drawn-out explanation. They want to see results. So they can quickly understand what’s working—and what’s not. The only problem: Nonprofits are swimming up stream in data these days. So making sense of all that data quickly can be overwhelming. But we can change that picture. How? With pictures! Because pictures communicate better than data alone. And don’t be fooled. We don’t mean sketches on a napkin. We’re talking about visually compelling, feature-rich charts and graphical displays that let you easily navigate through a steady stream of data to assemble a clear picture of what you need to know—nothing more, nothing less. So no matter how difficult the task at hand, you’re not left drowning in data. Instead, it will just make sense.

Nonprofit Visual Intelligence: Interactive Digital Dashboards

Interactive Digital Dashboards

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a digital dashboard is worth a million. No more misunderstandings, lots more collaboration. But their real power lies in how they give you real-time visibility of everything you need to know, at any time—all in one convenient place. Like the dashboard of your automobile, a digital dashboard gives you an at-a-glance display of key performance indicators across your organization, so you can see what’s working—and where you’re under water. By harnessing a visually-rich collection of interactive charts, graphs, gauges, calendars, and maps, your customized dashboard focuses your attention, so you can zero in on what matters most. You’ll have a clear view of both the big and small picture—the forest and the trees—so you can make decisions with more confidence.

Nonprofit Visual Intelligence: Dynamic Gauges

Dynamic Gauges

In lean times, you can’t afford to make decisions based on gut feel. You don’t have time for hit and miss. But without crystal clear facts, that’s exactly what happens, right? Sadly, we all know the result: Lost time, lost money, lost reputation. Not to mention lost sleep. So why guess when you can know? Pangea Foundation can bring clarity to your data with dynamic gauges that update as the data underneath changes. Customized gauges focus attention on your key performance drivers so you can quickly spot trends as they happen—instead of months too late. From circular and linear gauges to numeric indicators to traditional dials and knobs, you’ll be able to monitor the real-time pulse of your organization from a variety of angles so you can act decisively—and kick the guesswork to the curb.

Nonprofit Visual Intelligence: Calendars


You feel the heat. And your teams feel it too. Now that your budget has been whacked, you need to keep everyone focused and running at maximum efficiency. But optimizing your resources can be a nightmare—especially when you’ve got people spread across the globe. To do that, you need to know who has spare time and who is overextended. We offer the solution, with online calendars made to work in the real world—(You know, where you have to juggle zillions of teams working on zillions of projects). Interactive calendars provide the visibility you need to ensure that your resources are always working on the most strategic objectives. And because they’re online, your calendars will be securely accessible to your teams down the hall or around the globe. All the time. From anywhere. In one place.

Nonprofit Visual Intelligence: Geographical Mapping

Geographical Mapping

Your programs are all over the place. Your teams are all over the place. Your clients are all over the place. When everything is scattered everywhere insight is nowhere, right? Not anymore. We can help you tap the power of advanced geographical visualization to bring everything together in one place. Imagine a single online workplace where you can bring visual clarity to the geographical data relationships that matter most to you. A place where you can see your mission in a whole new way, with information-rich maps that illuminate trends, reveal opportunities, and illustrate geographical impact like never before. Want to display performance by state? No problem. Want to zero in on unmet needs? Check. Want to get—and keep—everyone on the same page? We can make it happen—faster than you think.

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