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Nonprofit Software Solutions Custom Software Development


What would you like to do? Collaborate faster? Grow an online community of enthusiasts? Demonstrate your impact with hard metrics? All of the above, and then some? You’ve come to the right place.

With everything that makes your organization unique—your mission, your programs, your logic model, indicators, performance measures, and so on—it’s easy to see why custom-designed software might be the best way to go. Your solution should reflect the way you work, not the other way around. And when you team up with Pangea Foundation, the sky’s the limit—with solutions ranging from the familiar to "why-didn’t-I-think-of-that" kind of stuff.

We architect everything from standalone fully contained solutions to seamlessly interconnected online platforms that combine the most powerful features of performance management software, social networking software, and Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®. We can even weave solutions into your existing web properties to create a cohesively unified user experience. Together, these custom combinations deliver 360-degree visibility, real-time collaboration, and Impact Visualization On Demand®.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Performance Management Software

Nonprofit Performance Management Software

Today’s "do more with less" mantra means your program staff gets pushed, pulled, and stretched. When results matter and every penny counts, you need to eke out every last drop of efficiency you can. So why is everyone on your team still volleying spreadsheets back and forth? It’s time to wake up. If you seriously want to improve your results… if you seriously want to get a lot more done with less… if you seriously want to engage your communities… we can help you crack the code with performance management software that drives collaborative leverage so the work flows seamlessly and everyone has visibility. You’ll be able to track data easily, measure performance consistently, and report your impact convincingly—all through a single, tightly integrated platform that’s custom designed for you.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Social Networking Software

Nonprofit Social Networking Software

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are harnessing public social sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate—with extraordinary results. But sharing private information on public sites could lead to unwanted problems down the road. You get that and so do we. There’s a better way. By leveraging the same social tools found on public sites, Pangea Foundation brings professional social networking to nonprofits—in a secure online environment you can trust. We can equip you with custom-branded online communities that set the stage for interactions that aren’t even practical on public sites. So whether it’s your staff, your volunteers, your board, partners, funders, or clients, find out how we can help you strengthen the connective tissue that links your one-of-a-kind communities together.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®

Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®

Acting as a translator between your program staff and your funders can be an excruciatingly difficult task. Program staff think in day-to-day service delivery. Funders think in Social ROI. And you’re stuck holding a spreadsheet. You know you’ve got to get with the program. We feel your pain too. But until you get in control of your data, you’re up the proverbial creek—without a paddle. Thankfully, we’ve come to the rescue. With advanced visual analytics and interactive dashboards, you’ll be able to provide your audiences with real-time visibility across your organization, well before any report is ever due. So stop trying to clarify data and start inviting even the most demanding funders inside to see the difference being made by your staff, using something they’ll both understand. Pictures!

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