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Nonprofit Software Solutions Custom Social Networking Software


Let’s face it: This whole social networking "thing" is pretty real. It’s not going away. Thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to keep up with what’s happening with your friends, because the information is pushed right to you, automatically.

But what about at work? What happens when John is away at a conference or Lisa goes on vacation? Is the key to Friday’s deadline locked up on their hard drives? Will you be stuck going through their sticky notes to piece together bits of information? You don’t have time for that.

Now there’s a brand-new way to collaborate at work. Where dynamic interactions can flourish in a secure online workplace that’s open around the clock, and available anywhere. Where you stay on top of everything you need to know with real-time feeds. And where updates on people, groups, projects, activities, and documents are pushed to you, automatically—so you’re always in the loop. And nothing falls through the cracks.

Stop chasing sticky notes. Let Pangea Foundation help you get your teams connected so the work flows seamlessly and everyone has the visibility they need to make better decisions, even faster.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Collaboration Software

Nonprofit Collaboration Software

Your teams are bogged down, unable to quickly access what they need to get their work done. Time and distance barriers suffocate progress. Every team is screaming they’re understaffed. And you’ve had it up to here! Because in a web 2.0 world, you know it doesn’t have to be that way. Face it, without the right tools, collaboration is hard. So many people, locations, and moving parts. It’s easy to fumble handoffs. Easy to get stuck: digging through Word documents; passing requests from team to team; sifting through jumbled email threads. It’s time to snip out the chaos. With custom collaboration software, your teams will spend more time innovating—less time synchronizing. Imagine how much time you could save. Imagine your teams humming like a well-oiled machine. And imagine the smiles on their faces when you tell them chaos is a thing of the past.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Online Community Software

Nonprofit Online Community Software

Surprise! You no longer own your mission. Your communities do. And while you’re still free to create a mission statement, only deeply engaged communities have the power to make your mission thrive. That’s why launching custom-branded online communities can be such a game-changer for nonprofits. Gone are the days of shouting your message to the most people at the least cost. It’s no longer enough just to repeat yourself. Today, it’s about attracting people to what you’re already doing, drawing them in, intelligently—to the very center of your mission. It’s about engaging people on their terms with smartly-designed features that put them in the driver’s seat. And then watching them build up your community in no time flat. It’s not exactly the stuff of rocket science. But it is powerful—enough to spark a thriving grassroots movement on behalf of your mission.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Social Networking Software

Nonprofit Social Networking Software

Ever get sick of discovering half way through a project that two of your employees have been working on the exact same thing—without any of the three of you knowing? Stop throwing your hands in the air and bring clarity to the forefront with professional social networking software from Pangea Foundation. With a clear view of contextually-rich information, like "Who knows what?" and "Who is working on what?" you’ll be able to mobilize specialized knowledge quickly so the work gets done on time. Plus, personalized activity feeds keep you "tuned in" to what’s happening across your organization—the brainstorming going on, the teams being formed, ongoing status updates, all of that, and much more, delivered on demand right to your browser. Think of it: Dramatically improved awareness. No more confusion. You’ll be in complete control.

Custom Nonprofit Software Solutions: Social Analytics Software

Nonprofit Social Analytics Software

We get it: You want to quantify the value of your online communities and tie the results to your goals. We want the same thing you do—and we can make it happen by fusing social analytics into your software. With social analytics, you’ll have an accelerated feedback mechanism and 360-degree visibility into your communities. This means you’ll be able to pinpoint things like: Who’s participating? Are they Originators, Askers, Answerers, Commenters, or just lurking? Plus, you’ll be able to identify: top contributors, influencers, forum answer rates, positive or negative sentiment, and then some. Updates can be delivered on demand, right to your browser, so you don’t need to do a lick of work to track things down. Ultimately, you’ll have a cost effective new way to capture, analyze, and communicate impact—without research, or expensive consultants.

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