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Nonprofit Software Solutions Performance Management Software


You’ve got high expectations coming from all directions. It’s the bane of your existence. This means you need to quantify the impact of your programs and tie the results to your services. You need hard metrics. Not just rows on a spreadsheet that show what your staff is doing. It’s not enough to tell your story. You need to prove it. Because in an economy of competing good causes, it’s all about Social ROI.

Thankfully, we didn’t start solving this problem a few days ago. With over 2,000 clients and 27 years under our belt, we don’t need a crystal ball to know that your programs are one of a kind. Your logic model, indicators, and performance measures are one of a kind, and the story you want to tell is one of a kind. That’s where custom-designed software comes in to play.

Imagine a single place to capture, track, and report your program data. A place where you can see exactly what’s working and where you’re at risk. Where you can grab, expand, and drill into your data to gain visibility into status updates, progress, and prioritization. And where with a click of a button you can answer questions like: "What was the impact of our work last year?"

Guess what? This doesn’t have to be a figment of your imagination. You can have it all—from the boardroom to the trenches. That means you can take advantage of .NET and XML under the hood, but you don’t need to know a lick about SOA or OOP. You simply connect to an easy-to-navigate web environment and then blow them away with your facts and figures. We put aside all of the geeky stuff so you can focus on telling the most important story of all. Yours.

Custom Performance Management Software: Data Tracking & Reporting

Let’s cut to the chase. Now is not the time for extravagance. You know, the extravagance of tracking dozens—if not hundreds—of program activities with spreadsheets. Manually building reports from scratch. Piecing together data from multiple sources. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. What if we could take a huge load off your shoulders with a neatly-designed online workspace that simplifies everything? Imagine your data captured, funneled, monitored, reported, and evaluated—all in one spot. (See what we mean by simplify?) From granular role- and user-based views to 360-degree global visibility, we ensure that the right people see the right information at the right time. Not to mention drilling into this information is millions of times easier than manipulating Excel formulas and slogging through data tables. It’s not that we want to take away all the fun from doing it the old way—just the complexity, inefficiency, and high cost.

Custom Performance Management Software: 360-Degree Program Visibility

Your program staff is busier than ever. Why then, does it seem they never have enough time to get everything done? That loud sucking sound should be your first hint. That’s your team’s productivity being siphoned away as they "make do" with using Excel and Email to manage strategic programs. Don’t fear, we’re not going all "Mom" on you. But really, there’s a smarter way of doing things. You know that. You feel the pain from the lack of collaborative visibility every day. You’re handcuffed without a unified view. You get winded making decisions within a fog of ambiguity. And you know it’s time to end all that. We can equip you with a cohesive, blazing-fast digital workspace that helps you drive collaborative leverage so the work flows seamlessly and everyone has visibility. Before you know it, your teams are synchronized, engaged, and informed—which means increased productivity, smarter decisions, and more money saved. Repeat: More. Money. Saved.

Custom Performance Management Software: Prove Your Impact On Demand

Too many nonprofits have to rely on piecemeal tools and anecdotal stories to communicate the impact of what they’re doing. But it’s pretty tough to make an airtight case when you don’t have your facts straight. And you get that. The problem is you’ve got data spread everywhere—across teams and technologies. Worse yet, everyone hands off data in different ways, leaving you to fit the puzzle pieces together. That means you’ve got decisions to make. Be smart. Get strategic about measuring impact with a single, tightly integrated solution that’s custom designed to enforce consistent reporting among all your teams—internal and external—no matter where they are. Smooch puzzle-piecing wastefulness goodbye with granular, field-level reports that automatically roll up into a high-level, unified view of your organization's overall impact. Armed with Impact Visualization On Demand®, you’ll be able to do more than just tell your story. You’ll be able to prove it.

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