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A Different Kind of Software Company

Imagine an awe-inspiring place filled with awesomeness. That's the place we call Pangea Foundation. A one-of-a-kind software company minus the bureaucracy of the Big Boys, but with all the talent in the universe. What you get when you merge the heart of a nonprofit with the mind of Silicon Valley. A place where convention is challenged above and below the line. We built the greatest software company in all the land, armed only with wit, commitment, and a knack for creating online innovations that empower nonprofits to make a better world. (27 years and still rolling!) Most software companies don't get nonprofits. Most nonprofits don't get software. As a software company and a nonprofit, Pangea Foundation gets both.


Company Fact Sheet


By the book, we create innovative online workspaces that empower nonprofits with 360-degree program visibility, real-time collaboration, and Impact Visualization On Demand®. Said more simply, we ask questions, listen… and then create online wonderness!

  • Year Founded: 1996
  • Structure: 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation
  • Mission: To empower nonprofits of all sizes with innovative online workspaces that expand organizational capacity, broaden collaborative visibility, and dramatically magnify impact creation
  • Headquarters: San Diego, California
  • Satellite Offices: Grand Rapids, Michigan; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Naples, Florida
  • Primary Data Center: Rackspace®
  • Cloud Hosting Data Center: Rackspace Cloud
  • Backup Data Center: Offsite Secure Storage Cloud
  • Core Service Offerings: Custom software design and development for nonprofits—including enterprise-class performance management software, nonprofit business intelligence software, advanced data visualization and interactive dashboard solutions, collaboration software, professional social networking software, public and private online community software, social analytics software, database design and optimization, eCommerce, enterprise software integration, managed hosting, cloud hosting, data backups, security, strategy, implementation, training, and support
  • Number of Clients: Over 2,000 nonprofits of all sizes
  • Honors, Awards, and Recognition:
    • American Business Awards "Most Innovative Company of the Year": 2009 Finalist
    • Microsoft® Impact Story Contest: 2009 Winner
    • THE FANATI® Award for Outstanding Customer Service: 2007 Finalist; 2008 Winner
    • California Governor’s Award for Technology and Innovation: 2002 Winner
    • "TOP" Award Announced by President Clinton: 2000 Winner
  • Media Bio: As the leader in Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®, Pangea Foundation is transforming the way nonprofits engage their communities. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a trusted partner to nonprofits since 1996, Pangea Foundation is distinguished, not only by its software expertise, but by its award-winning service excellence, which weaves game-changing online innovations with a rich array of professional services to create a radical new value proposition for nonprofits. By fusing advanced analytics with the most powerful features of enterprise software, collaboration software, and community software, we create custom-fit online workspaces—seamlessly unified communications platforms that empower 360-degree program visibility, real-time collaboration, and Impact Visualization On Demand®
  • Contact Information:

Pangea Foundation
3268 Governor Drive #181
San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: 619.615.0982
Toll Free: 866.615.0982
Fax: 619.615.0203
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