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Web-based software services vanish not infrequently due to a change in priorities, mergers and acquisitions, and financial hardship. It has become a risky venture to place all your trust and data in services that could disappear in a moment, and with no guarantee that your data will be safe, protected, or even portable.

We want to offer so much more for our customers

Each software service we've created through the years has reflected our best effort, given our resources as a nonprofit software company. Each existing software service we deliver reflects a labor of love. Each one reminds us of where we’ve been and how we've gotten here. They also point us to where we’re going. We’re proud of the software we've created, and we're honored by the customers who have supported us along the way—especially those of you who continue to rely on us every day.

A simple promise to our customers


We are dedicated to supporting our software forever (or until our last customer turns down the lights). We will stand strong against the tide of fleeting software that has increasingly become the norm. Supporting our legacy software services and the customers who love them isn’t free; nor is it easy. But it’s the right thing to do. So we're committed to making them available until the end of the world wide web.

What that means for you

In the event that the Pangea software service you’re using enters a legacy phase, we are committed to making it available to you securely and indefinitely, assuming you continue to keep your subscription active and in good standing. We are committed to supporting our existing software features unless it becomes technically impossible for us to do so—for reasons beyond our control—such as changes with sub-processors that cause a feature to be incompatible or browser upgrades that degrade feature functionality.


Importantly, your data is safe and secure

All of our services will continue to receive the same rigorous care when it comes to security. While we may not add innovative new features to our legacy software services, we’ll continue to apply the latest security updates, while continuing to invest in the infrastructure that keeps them secure and reliable and blazing fast; not to mention the award-winning customer service we've delivered since 1996.

This has been our life’s work and it's important to us

In the event that the company or one of our software services is acquired by another company or spun-off into a separate company, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that our standard of service and this promise live on...

Until the end of the world wide web...

Until the end of the world wide web

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