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A Different Kind of Software Company

Imagine an awe-inspiring place filled with awesomeness. That's the place we call Pangea Foundation. A one-of-a-kind software company minus the bureaucracy of the Big Boys, but with all the talent in the universe. What you get when you merge the heart of a nonprofit with the mind of Silicon Valley. A place where convention is challenged above and below the line. We built the greatest software company in all the land, armed only with wit, commitment, and a knack for creating online innovations that empower nonprofits to make a better world. (27 years and still rolling!) Most software companies don't get nonprofits. Most nonprofits don't get software. As a software company and a nonprofit, Pangea Foundation gets both.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Quantify the impact of your programs on demand with custom-designed performance management software that simplifies data tracking, monitors progress, and automates reporting. Learn more ►
  • Track progress with one-click reporting
  • Work smarter and decide faster
  • Don't just tell your story—prove it
SOCIAL NETWORKING SOFTWARE Collaborate at the speed-of-light with professional online communities that fuel innovation and catalyze connectivity, knowledge sharing, and passion inside and outside your organization. Learn more ►
  • Launch custom-branded communities
  • Connect your nonprofit, inside and out
  • Collaborate privately and securely
NONPROFIT VISUAL INTELLIGENCE® Gain enhanced trend insight and unmatched visibility across your organization by transforming real-time data into professional, understandable, and deeply engaging analytics. Learn more ►
  • Monitor analytics and dashboards
  • Analyze your data from all angles
  • Deepen stakeholder engagement
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