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Why Pangea Foundation Company Expertise


As the leader in Nonprofit Visual Intelligence®, Pangea Foundation is transforming the way nonprofits engage their communities. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a trusted partner to nonprofits since 1996, Pangea Foundation is distinguished, not only by its software expertise, but by its award-winning service excellence, which weaves game-changing online innovations with a rich array of professional services to create a radical new value proposition for nonprofits. By fusing advanced analytics with the most powerful features of enterprise software, collaboration software, and community software, we create custom-fit online workspaces—seamlessly unified communications platforms that empower 360-degree program visibility, real-time collaboration, and Impact Visualization On Demand®.

Honors, Awards, and Recognition

American Business Awards "Most Innovative Company of the Year": 2009 Finalist

In 2009, Pangea Foundation was named Finalist in the "Most Innovative Company of the Year" category in The American Business Awards. The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program and The American Business "Stevie" Awards—hailed as "the business world’s own Oscars" (New York Post, April 27, 2005)Click to enlarge—were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide. The Stevie has become one of the world's most coveted awards.

More than 2,600 entries from companies of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted for consideration in more than 40 categories, including Most Innovative Company, Best Management Team, Best New Product or Service, Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Best Corporate Environmental Responsibility Program.

Pangea Foundation was recognized for its commitment to bringing the enterprise-class software driving the innovation of the world's mega-corporations to impact-driven nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Over 2,000 nonprofits leverage Pangea Foundation’s capacity-building solutions to measure and report performance, speed collaboration, and magnify their impact.

Microsoft® Impact Story Contest: 2009 Winner

In 2009, Pangea Foundation was named Winner of the Microsoft Impact Story Contest. Chosen from a field of 381 entrants, the award is a coveted honor that recognizes Pangea Foundation’s passionate commitment to creating extraordinary impact using Microsoft technologies. In particular, Pangea Foundation was commended for transforming Microsoft technologies into an innovative disaster relief software solution. Branded ReliefPoint™, the one-of-a-kind solution serves as a single, unified communications platform for America’s disaster relief organizations and has been used by organizations responding to the 2008 Midwest floods, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Ike, the 2009 Los Angeles wildfires, the H1N1 influenza outbreak, and the 2010 Gulf Coast Oil Disaster.

THE FANATI® Award for Outstanding Customer Service: 2007 Finalist; 2008 Winner

In 2008, Pangea Foundation was named winner of THE FANATI Award for Outstanding Customer Service. Awarded by Rackspace®, Click to enlargeTHE FANATI is a coveted honor that recognizes Pangea Foundation’s passionate commitment to delivering customer service excellence.

As an industry-leading service company and a two time winner of the American Business Awards’ "Best Customer Service Organization", Rackspace introduced THE FANATI to recognize the customer service excellence of other companies in an effort to promote customer service among all businesses today. Award applications were made available to Rackspace’s 31,000 customers. Customers completed the online applications, which included questions about how the company delivers and tracks customer service, as well as success stories of going above and beyond for customers. Rackspace then reviewed the applications and a short-list of seven finalists was announced.

Finalists moved on to the second round of judging which involved two scoring categories. First, their application was critiqued and graded by a panel of four service industry experts including Earl Sasser, a Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School; Douglas Hanna, founder and Principal of customer service consulting company Service Untitled Group; Lane Becker, blogger for; and David Mitzenmacher, director of customer care programs for Rackspace.

On a scale of 0 – 10 measuring how likely customers were to recommend Pangea Foundation to a friend or colleague, where 0 meant "highly unlikely" and 10 meant "extremely likely", 98.7% of respondents said that it was likely that they would recommend Pangea Foundation to a colleague or a friend. More than 9 out of every 10 respondents said that they would be extremely likely to recommend Pangea Foundation to a colleague or friend by selecting either a 9 or a 10 on the FANATI award survey—with 10.5% selecting 9 and 81.6% selecting 10.

California Governor’s Award for Technology and Innovation: 2002 Winner

In 2002, Pangea Foundation received California’s prestigious Governor’s Award for Technology and Innovation by California Governor Gray Davis. The award honors nonprofit organizations, public-private partnerships, educational institutions, individuals, and philanthropic programs that help foster California’s tech-based economy in exemplary and innovative ways.

"TOP" Award Announced by President Clinton: 2000 Winner

On September 21, 2000, in an unprecedented move, President Clinton announced the first of the Technology Opportunities Program’s (TOP) fiscal year 2000 grant awards to Pangea Foundation during his visit to Flint, Michigan.

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