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The Power to Impact

Everyone loves an inspiring story, a story of how the underdog overcomes humongous odds to overcome some ginormous obstacle and is transformed into a hero at the end. But what if the underdog is a nonprofit, and the obstacle is data, credibility, funding? Then the underdog's secret weapon is Pangea Foundation. We empower nonprofits with real-time data to tell their story. With evidence in tow, our clients tell their stories through the eyes of the people they serve. The case is made. The word spreads. The mission is energized! Our clients rejoice! The world becomes a better place! And everyone loves our clients a little more! They become heroes. And we applaud. We've been doing that since 1996, and we're ready to do it for you now too.


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Pangea Foundation opens the door to a whole new world of real-time visual intelligence. A world of deep analytics, up-to-the-minute insight, and one-click reporting. Where you stay on top of what’s happening in your program with automatic updates on what matters most. And where you generate the kind of momentum that transforms funders into investors. With Impact Visualization On Demand®, you will be able to visualize and communicate the results of your program’s impact—the good you do—as it is happening, not months later, but "Live".

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