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The Power to Impact

Everyone loves an inspiring story, a story of how the underdog overcomes humongous odds to overcome some ginormous obstacle and is transformed into a hero at the end. But what if the underdog is a nonprofit, and the obstacle is data, credibility, funding? Then the underdog's secret weapon is Pangea Foundation. We empower nonprofits with real-time data to tell their story. With evidence in tow, our clients tell their stories through the eyes of the people they serve. The case is made. The word spreads. The mission is energized! Our clients rejoice! The world becomes a better place! And everyone loves our clients a little more! They become heroes. And we applaud. We've been doing that since 1996, and we're ready to do it for you now too.


Accessibility Statement


Pangea Foundation strives to develop Web applications that are accessible for ALL users. We are committed to developing Web applications that promote accessibility for people with disabilities and meet current accessibility standards, including those defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Pangea Foundation is actively engaged in the ongoing process of testing its Web applications for compliance with current accessibility standards.

Product Accessibility
Pangea Foundation’s Web applications depend on and interoperate with third-party technologies including Operating Systems, hardware platforms and assistive technologies, all of which can affect the true level of accessibility of our applications. We test our Web applications with the use of assistive technologies— such as screen readers and screen magnifying software and text-only browsers— to analyze and inform the design of our Web applications. We also engage accessibility experts and individuals with disabilities to further test and modify our Web applications to ensure that they provide optimal usability.

Although Pangea Foundation strives to meet accessibility standards, there may be some aspects of our applications developed by third-parties or which use third-party tools that do not fully accommodate certain user’s accessibility needs. If you would like to report an accessibility issue you have experienced with one of our applications or would like further information about our accessibility standards please contact us.

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